How did it get its name?

In the Southwest corner of Harwinton is an area known as Campville. One would think that perhaps its name was derived from some sort of encampment that took place during our revolt against England or a muster area where our brave troops gathered in 1861 at the onset of the great civil war. One rarely thinks about it being named after an individual, but that is exactly where it came from.

Jabez Camp was the son of Northfields first settled minister, Joseph E. Camp. In 1840 Jabez was the highest bidder on a parcel of land that was sold at public auction from the estate of Julius Brown. Over the next couple of years, Jabez would purchase many more parcels of land in the same southwest corner. Early maps of the town show this area as "Camps Mills" as he built and operated a saw mill, a grist mill and a grinding mill.